What's Inside The Course

  • 50 Hour Video Course

    Fully structured with an easy learning curve. Guaranteed to transform your Spanish!

  • One Year Of Updates

    Access all my latest lessons as I upload them into the members area.

  • Audio & PDF Downloads

    Download audio drills and PDFs designed to reinforce the video lessons.

  • Native Spanish Speakers

    World class support from native Spanish speakers. On hand and ready to help you.

  • Works On All Devices

    Access the course across all your different devices on the go.

  • Certificate

    A certificate will be awarded upon completion of all 50 hours of training.

  • Quizzes To Grade Your Progress

    These are multiple choice and written by our native Spanish speaker staff to test you!

  • Video Vault

    Videos intended for YouTube but never made it there... I'll give them to you too!

  • Great User Experience

    An ultra-modern members area that's easy to use and superbly designed.

  • World Class Support

    We're on hand with extra help or assistance anytime you need it.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    You're fully protected with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

I Speak Spanish All Day, Every Day!

I live on the beach in the south of Mexico in an area called the "Riviera Maya". It's got great weather, ice cold beers and beautiful Caribbean beaches. I moved to Mexico 12 years ago and love it here.

Teaching Spanish Differently!

You'll experience a constant sense of progression and achievement.

  • No Grammar

    No complicated grammatical rules or terminology. Just simple explanations you can understand.

  • No Memorization

    No boring lists of verbs or vocabulary to memorize. We simply use the language until it becomes "knowledge".

  • No Writing Down

    No need to take notes or write anything down. Simply watch the videos and answer any questions I ask you!

My Lessons On YouTube

They're pretty good... but it's nothing compared to my Premium Course! These days I only upload new content into the members area. All my best lessons are inside, none of it is on YouTube.

Let Me Explain Spanish To You Differently

I'm pretty sure you'll make more progress in one month than you have in the past year!

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Every Problem Solved

Sit back, relax and let me remove every roadblock that's been holding you back with Spanish.

  • Ser vs Estar - most courses mess this up! If you're confused I'll fix it for you fast!

  • Por vs Para - the most powerful of these is POR but I'll show you how they both work in less than 1 hours learning time.

  • Preterit vs Imperfect - my favorite. Nobody teaches this topic like Spanish With Paul.

  • Reflexive Verbs - an absolute must for your Spanish, easy when it's explained correctly to you.

  • The Subjunctive - let me remove the fear, clear the fog and bring everything into crystal clear clarity for you.

  • The Personal A - easy to learn but even easier to forget to use!

  • The Redundant Le - completely pointless but leave it out and your Spanish will NOT sound natural!

  • Pronouns & Double Pronouns - by the time I'm done you'll be an expert on pronoun placement and how to use them.

  • All 14 Verb Tenses - giving you 100% confidence and freedom to express yourself fluently in any tense.

  • Modal Verbs and so much more! This is a 50 hour course packed with everything I use in my own daily Spanish.


  • What happens after I purchase?

    You'll receive an email with your login information. You can access the course across all your devices without restrictions and you can drill and repeat the lessons as much as you need to.

  • Can't I just learn all this stuff for free on YouTube?

    Learning a language is a complex subject because there are so many moving parts to it. You can try to 'slog it out' using random videos on YouTube (even mine) but you probably won't get very far. It's faster, easier and smarter to simply follow someone like me who has already worked it all out for you rather than going it alone.

  • But isn't it best to learn from a native speaker?

    Generally no. Just like us, most native Spanish speakers don't have the first clue as to how their own language actually works. They only know if it "sounds right" to their ears but they can't give you a clear explanation as to WHY it's right or wrong! That's why it's far better to learn the mechanics of a language from someone who can see things from your point of view as an English speaker. They understand what it's like to to be you!

  • O.K but what about pronunciation?

    Inside SWP I have a team of native Spanish speakers that record drills and lessons for the course so I've got you covered. Just be aware... as an adult learner you'll never have the exact same pronunciation as a native Spanish speaker. You will always sound like a foreigner who is fluent in Spanish.

  • I only have a limited time to learn

    All I'll need from you is 30min to 1 hour a day. My teaching methods and your own subconscious will take care of the rest. I actually don't want you studying for hours a day, very often in language learning that is counterproductive.

  • I've tried and failed before

    So have 95% of the people reading this page but I think you'll find yourself having many "a-ha" moments as you go through this course. Give me the chance to explain Spanish to you in a different way... I'm pretty sure you'll be delighted with the results you get.

  • Is this Spanish from Spain or Latin America?

    I live in Mexico so I speak Latin American Spanish but let me explain why that's mostly irrelevant. The most important thing to master in Spanish is actually its structure... how it works. Once you have that, it's very easy to simply "tweak" your Spanish to match whatever your target country will be! It would be a shame to disregard this course simply because you believed you needed one specifically for Spain... or Argentina... or Peru... or Mexico!

  • Can I really get fluent from the course?

    Yes but I'll need you to do your part. By the end of the course you'll be an expert on "how Spanish works" but unless you go out and actually use what you've learned... fluency will never develop. I'll do my part, but you must also do yours. Deal?

Yes Paul, I'm In!

I'm ready to make some REAL progress with my Spanish!