Hi everyone, Paul here.

As most of you know, being able to say something in Spanish is one thing, but being able to understand Spanish when it's spoken to you, it is quite another.

In other words...

You can ask the question, but you can't understand the answer!

Now this is not at all uncommon. In fact, it's the #1 most common complaint most people have when learning Spanish.

Think about it...

How Can You Hold A Conversation In Spanish, When You Don't Have A Clue What The Other Person is Saying To You?

You're reduced to just guessing or faking it and it feels downright awful.

While most Spanish courses try to teach both speaking and comprehension in one course, I believe it's a HUGE MISTAKE to lump them both together.

Comprehension is a totally separate skill which requires its own specialized course to master!

That's where this new course comes in. It's specifically written to TRAIN YOUR EAR to understand native Spanish speakers... no matter how fast they may be blasting away at you!

The Science Of Comprehension

Comprehensible Input & Active Listening with Consequence

A lot of research has been done on the best ways to improve listening comprehension with foreign languages. There's a lot of data but basically, it boils down to two key things...

1. Comprehensible Input

This means that whatever Spanish you're listening to or practicing with, it should be at a level where you can more or less understand about 80% of it.

This is why watching movies or television shows in Spanish does very little to improve the listening comprehension of most people... it's not comprehensible input. It's just noise.

In order to improve, the Spanish you're listening to MUST be at a speed you can cope with and with a library of vocabulary that MATCHES what you already know in Spanish.

2. Active Listening with Consequence

This is where you'll suffer some kind of consequence if you don't understand what's being said to you in Spanish.

The more serious the consequence, the more attention your ear will put into the conversation in order to avoid that pain.

Whenever your ear enters this state, it becomes highly focused and attentive, and we want to  to utilize these same principals in our listening practice in order to achieve the best results.

How The Course Works

A Ratio Of 1:1

Each module in the comprehension course perfectly matches a specific level in Spanish with Paul. This means you'll always be working with Comprehensible Input.
  • Rapidly improve your listening comprehension using guaranteed comprehensible input that perfectly matches Spanish With Paul. (This point cannot be over-stated, Comprehensible Input is the "secret sauce" inside this course.)

  • You'll hear with 100% accuracy. (In level one we start out with simple cognates but by level 6 you'll be effortlessly transcribing complete paragraphs word for word!)

  • Prepare your ear for the REAL WORLD using full speed recordings, spoken naturally. (Your ear will be fully prepared and properly trained for the real world it will encounter later on.)

Recorded By Native Spanish Speakers

Your first contact in the course will be with Elena however over the coming weeks we will re-record the entire syllabus using a variety of different native Spanish speakers, both male and female.

  • Learn to cope with a variety of different accents and speeds by TRAINING with different native Spanish speakers. (Your ear will become quite versatile in its ability to decipher whatever Spanish it hears.)

  • The course is designed so that you must write down what you hear, word-for-word before continuing to the next track, promoting the use of "active listening with consequence" at every stage.

  • There's no question that Active Listening + Comprehensible Input is the winning formula. (You'll experience rapid results from this simple yet amazingly powerful combination.)

  • Real results that are easily measurable. (As you move through the levels you'll notice your ear becoming more and more powerful until finally, understanding Spanish becomes effortless.)

Here's What You Get

  • Native Spanish Speakers

    Each sample is recorded by a native Spanish speaker so you can practice at real world speeds with authentic pronunciation of every word.

  • Audio Drills & Exercises

    Thousands of words and phrases will train your ear in how to understand native Spanish speakers at full speed and with great accuracy.

  • Printable Workbook

    Print or download the workbook to check the accuracy of your answers after listening to the recordings to see how well you did.

  • Real Life Backgrounds

    Drills are also recorded with real life backgrounds such as noisy restaurants or the sound of street traffic to mimic the real world.

  • 100% Downloadable

    Everything is downloadable in this course including all the audio files and the workbook giving you permanent offline access.

  • Comprehensive Input

    Your ear will benefit from a perfect stream of comprehensible input allowing it to develop and improve at the fastest rate possible.

  • Active Listening

    Active listening is also pre-built into the course using the workbook answers. The goal is for you to understand 100% of what you hear!

  • Certificate

    A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course (all audio drills plus the full workbook).

  • Works On All Devices

    Access the course across all your different devices on the go.

  • Great User Experience

    An ultra-modern members area that's easy to use and superbly designed.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    You're fully protected with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

  • World Class Support

    We're on hand with extra help or assistance anytime you need it.

Spanish Is The Second Fastest Spoken Language In The World!

You know what came in 2nd?


In a recent scientific study published by "Scientific Advances" magazine, researchers measured the rate of syllables spoken per second in various languages and proved that Japanese and Spanish were the two fastest languages it the world.

Where did English come? Eleventh.

This is why ear training is so important for anyone learning Spanish!

Native Spanish speakers are quick. Just how quick?

7.82 Syllables Per Second To Be Exact!

This Course Will Completely Transform Your Ability To Understand Native Spanish Speakers

No more feeling foolish, umming and ahhhing or being afraid to start a conversation or ask a question!

107 Page Course Book

The course is designed so that you must write down what you hear, word-for-word before continuing to the next track, promoting the use of "active listening with consequence" at every stage.

TRAIN YOUR EAR To Understand Native Spanish Speakers

  • No more feeling foolish, umming and ahhhing or being afraid to start a conversation or ask a question!

  • Powerful listening exercises will develop the finesse and sensitivity of your ear. (We begin with single words from Level 1 then gradually move into phrases, sentences and eventually full paragraphs!)

  • Comprehension DOES NOT have to take years, it's all about TRAINING YOUR EAR to listen. (It's also a myth to believe you have to live in a Spanish speaking country to do this... YOU DON'T! Your ear can be trained from home.)

  • Experience a massive difference the next time you talk with a native Spanish speaker! (Improved comprehension will do wonders for your confidence and the pleasure you get from visiting Spanish speaking countries.) It's Like Doing "Spanish With Paul" In Reverse!

  • Develop an ear that's capable of understanding native Spanish speakers at FULL SPEED and with great accuracy. (Because all the recordings are done at full speed, your ear will simply adapt to meet whatever standards we set it until it becomes entirely effortless.)

  • Follows the same proven learning path as the original Spanish With Paul course. (Since each level of the comprehension course exactly matches a level from SWP, the results you'll achieve are very similar!) Imagine what it's like to simply "hear and understand"... (Once this skill develops you'll find that comprehension becomes an effortless experience, there's no need to even try. You just have it.)

Why Watching TV Or Movies In Spanish Doesn't Work

First, it's important to know that being able to understand a TV show or a movie in Spanish is actually an advanced level of comprehension.

It's not something you can do until your ear is developed.

The reason why simply watching a movie in Spanish does very little to develop your level of comprehension is because most of the time your ear simply goes to sleep.

There's no real consequence for not understanding and it's not comprehensible input either. Your ear enters passive mode and you make next to zero progress!

Naturally, You Can Try It Risk Free

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don't experience a massive improvement in your listening comprehension from using this course, simply email me within 30 days of your purchase and I'll issue you with a full & unconditional "no questions asked" refund. I only want you to keep this course if you're 100% delighted with the results you get from using it.